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What we do
Professional Toastmaster John Oakley at a weddingWeddings

Much of a Toastmasters work is at weddings both large and small. A professional toastmaster resplendent in red coat, white tie and waistcoat will add extra style and splendour to any wedding. They will provide confidence and be a calming influence on the bridal party and be a focus for both hosts and guests seeking help or assistance.

Their expertise in respect of etiquette and protocol will ensure that all those with roles to play during the reception do so in the right order and without embarrassment. Their ongoing liaison with all parties involved including caterers, photographers and others will ensure that things run smoothly and in the right order.

Leslie Watson - Professional Toastmaster

Ladies Nights and Dinners
Such functions whether formal or informal will run more smoothly and have more style under the direction of a professional toastmaster. He will assemble the guests, announce special guests and ‘top table’ organise raffles and auctions, present speakers and any cabaret acts, and generally ensure that the event runs smoothly.

Charity Events and Corporate Functions
The toastmaster maintains discrete control and ensures that everyone is in the right place at the right time. Liasing with caterers, entertainers, speakers and the venue. Keeping the programme running to schedule. Auctions and raffles can be conducted, speakers can be announced and proceedings wound up. Behind the scenes the toastmaster is doing everything necessary to ensure a successful event thereby removing much of the stress and allowing you to enjoy the function.


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